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At Silicon Web Solutions, We have found a way to make Internet advertising effective. We are concentrating on flash technology because it gets much more response than regular banners. People remember flash banners better, giving you more brand recognition. As a member of our exchange you will develop more and more traffic to your site. If you are selling a product or service, you will see your sales expand. It's that simple Your banners also reflect the image of your business.

Flash banners have a lot of advantages. The most important one is certainly a high click-through rate due to the eye-catcher effect a flash banner provides.

Flash banners can be animated very smoothly and softly. With this your webpage gains a professional appearance. Moreover, both, internet-users as well as webmasters benefit from small file sizes of flash banners.

A well designed flash banner can always attract more eyeballs and clicks, than a static image that remains still. Most banner ads you see on major portals such as Yahoo! are Flash banners.




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