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WEB 2.0

In studying and promoting the different technology related to the web world Web 2.0 could be refer to a trend in the field of web designing and development. The main idea was that 1.0 was a creation of the web pages the gave the information for the readers and 2.0 take that information and it provides important information to the readers. It is Web 2.0 that shows how the nature of the Web has changed with the time and how did the web pages interact with the customers. The web has its own new approach to conducts its dealings on the internet. 

It is with the help of Web 2.0 that a transition of the websites coming from the isolated environment has interlinked platforms that conducts like easily available software in the perception of the clients. It is also included as a social factor where the clients or the users make and distribute the content and most of the times with the purpose of sharing and using repeatedly. This has eventually helped the web to grow more stronger and now the users and the clients both can do an extra on the internet than before.

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